How To Make Money Online Sending SMS Messages

Would you like to earn $5000 a month just by sending a few SMS messages to people that actually want to read them?

If you said yes then keep reading and I will show you exactly how you can do this from the comfort of your own home. 

And if you stay with me all the way to the end I will show you a super easy hack that will speed up the whole process and help you get started 10x faster.

So in this method you will be helping local restaurant businesses to set up an SMS messaging broadcast system so that they can increase their revenue by sending out promotional offers and other types of information to their best and most loyal customers. 

This has become even more important as many local restaurants and businesses have suffered dramatically due to the lockdown and social distancing rules.

How it works

So during this pandemic a lot of countries imposed strict lockdown and social distancing measures which hit the restaurant and hospitality sectors hard. And those worst affected are your local family run business.

Communication is key during these hard times especially when dealing with information such as changed opening times and reduced menus. And that is where a lot of these businesses fail. 

They don’t know how to market their business other than word of mouth and normal foot traffic which has been significantly slashed.

Where we come in

You will be able to become a bridge between the restaurants and their old and potential customers by setting up and maintaining the restaurant’s SMS marketing system

Creating a simple but effective SMS marketing system for them not only solves the communication issue but now gives business owners the ability to pull out their phones and send out a new promotion or special item to hundreds and even thousands of their customers generating increased sales and profits and staying relevant in these uncertain times.

Why SMS is great

SMS is so effective as it still retains a level of intimacy compared to email. For example, you would most likely open up a SMS message you receive immediately as opposed to an email you receive.  As SMS messages are associated with family and friends and emails usually revolve around work.

How to stack clients

Now each client can be enrolled for between $200-500 per month depending on the size of the SMS list. So if we take the lower end of the scale and say you are able to sign up 25 restaurants that would make you $5000 a month which is pretty impressive.

Pizza money system

Now you may be thinking how am I going to create and maintain an SMS marketing software without coding knowledge?

Well a program called PIZZA MONEY was just released this week by Dr Ben Adkins which teaches you how you can get a restaurant set up with their very own SMS broadcasting system in less than 25 minutes with absolutely no coding knowledge and next to no maintenance required.

Leaving you with more time to expand to more restaurant clients and building up your portfolio of restaurants who will pay you every month to keep the system running.

Get The Pizza Money System Here + My Custom Bonuses


Who is ben Adkins?

Ben Adkins started his career running a successful chiropractic business and then started to delve into the world of marketing to drive more business.

He then started helping other small businesses through the same method until he started his own ad agency. 

So this is someone who not only understands how this business works but has been doing it for himself and other people successfully for a significant period of time.

So in the training Ben shares with you the exact blueprint of how to get this business up and running fast.

He provides word for word sales scripts and answers tonnes of objections that they might have so its really plug and play. 

And as many people aren’t comfortable meeting face to face during these times, hes created a high converting client outreach method which you can do from your own home. 


And to help you with the whole process I’ve included 5 bonuses that will enhance your experience with the course giving you a head start and to boost your results. 

Pizza money bonus

So the first 3 bonuses you will receive, if you decide to join the pizza money system through my link, are the Bing ads mastery training, Ninja FB ads training and the Instagram marketing training.

In these step by step training’s you will learn how to effectively use Bing, Facebook and Instagram advertising in order to generate thousands of dollars in returns.

It will show you a simple, actionable blueprint that you can take and run with right away.

This is great as you can use the skills learned in this training to quickly scale your SMS marketing business and find new clients.

Get The Pizza Money System Here + My Custom Bonuses

Next we have the five figure freedom bonus which is a complete course which will breakdown a type of advertising called solo ads. You will learn the importance of and how to build and monetize your own email list of customers and clients.

Get The Pizza Money System Here + My Custom Bonuses

pizza money bonus

And finally the last bonus will be 30 days of messenger mentoring with myself so you will be able to pick my brains about anything to do with marketing, paid ads and even questions relating to the pizza money system.

So when you purchase the pizza money system through the links on this page you will also get all of these exclusive bonuses automatically at checkout.

Get The Pizza Money System Here + My Custom Bonuses

If you have any further questions feel free to ask me below or reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram and I’ll get back to you.

Good luck and I will see you in the next post.

Moe Ali

Moe Ali

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