Pizza Money System Review – What To Expect From Ben Adkins?

Pizza Money System Review – What To Expect From Ben Adkins?

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  1. Pizza Money Review – Overview
  2. What is Pizza Money?
  3. Who is Ben Adkins?
  4. Pizza Money: My Final Verdict

Pizza Money Review – Overview

Product:Pizza Money 
Creator:Ben Adkins
Price:$77 One time investment 
Official Website:CLICK HERE
Recommended?Yes, most definitely!

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What is the Pizza Money System?

Pizza Money is the latest product by Ben Adkins.

The Pizza Money system is a documentary style training guide that gives you step by step instructions about how to start a profitable business using SMS marketing.

The main concept is to help small restaurants and other types of businesses to get more customers and bounce back during the economic decline due to the lockdown.

Now the unique thing about the Pizza Money system is that it is going to allow you to build out your own SMS marketing system that you can use to manage your own restaurant clients customer lists.

You will then be able to set each client up in less than 10 minutes from your phone.

You won’t have to pay for hosting or expensive developers to code you anything, this system is just that simple.

From my own experience running eCommerce stores I used to pay monthly recurring fee for an app to handle my SMS marketing which was the same price as the Pizza Money system so it is ridiculous just how much value you get from the system for the price.

The name “Pizza Money” originates from the way that this model was initially verified in Pizza Restaurants. 

Try not to let the name fool you however. 

This system has since been demonstrated to work in a wide range of venues (steakhouses, sushi, Mexican, and pretty much any sort of consumer retail business).

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What you will learn: 

Inside, Dr Ben Adkins will walk you through a model that his restaurant owner clients love. 

In particular, you’ll discover:

1) How to Build your Own SMS Marketing System:

He shows you how to build your own SMS marketing platform without any coding knowledge (yes… seriously… you get a step-by-step map)

2) How to find the Ideal clients first.

He shows you how to find the ideal restaurants to sell the service to (so you don’t waste any of your time going after businesses that aren’t a good fit).

3) How to blow them away with your SMS System.

He shows you how to approach and attract their interest in the SMS Service… by putting the power in their hands before they ever even sign up.

4) How to Close $200/month clients.

He shows you the exact way that we set up and close the deal in a sales meeting (and set each client up as a $200/month deal at minimum).

5) How to onboard a client so that they stay longterm.

He shows you exactly how to onboard the client and make sure that they never want to stop the service (we make sure that they do something special in the first month of running the service to prove that this is a game changer for their business.

The best part?

Ben will show you exactly how to build out a unique kind of SMS marketing system… 

Without having to code anything!

This is going to be something that you can take ownership of.

This is going to give you a ton of control over your business and a product that you can be proud of. 

More details will be released closer to the date of launch.

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Who is Ben Adkins?

Ben Atkins is a master when it comes to the digital marketing game. His strategies for niching down to find those rockstar prospects and clients, have helped businesses grow exponentially. 

He always over-delivers on value and actionable content in his products (at least in my experience). He is one of the most ethical and frankly nicest marketers I’ve interacted with, purchased from and promoted for.

He’s smart. He knows his stuff. And more importantly, he walks the walk. He’s teaching from his own experience – which is real and leading-edge.

He’s innovative, too, and thinks strategically, not just tactically. That’s a critical difference.


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Pizza Money: My Final Verdict

In my humble opinion I really believe in this system and in its ability to get you real, tangible results fast.

Especially as many states and countries around the world are beginning to open up business in the restaurant and hospitality industry and those businesses really need help to get customers through the door.

This could be just the thing to give you the break you need in a promising and exciting time where local businesses need our help the most.

In short: highly recommended.

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Moe Ali

Moe Ali

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