How To Make Money Online As a Teenager During Quarantine [NEW 2020 METHOD]

Whether you’re saving up for a new gaming PC or your first car then in this article I’ll be showing you 12 ways you can make money online as a teenager using only your smartphone or computer. 

So make sure you read all the way to the end so you don’t miss any of these awesome methods.

Teaching simple computer and tech skills to people online

So you may be surprised but little things as simple as changing your Facebook cover photo or how to create an email account may actually be useful to people.

Information that you take for granted could  earn you a good living if you know what to do.

So the main way people search for information online is usually through a search engine such as Google. 

But did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google which also owns YouTube.

So if you go to YouTube and type in a simple search query such as “how to make an Instagram account”.

You will find multiple videos with thousands of views.

So we can see something trivial is generating hundreds and thousands of views for these channels that you could use to generate ad revenue from.

So how this works is that you would make a simple YouTube channel and start to create 2-3 three minute videos a day on different topics surrounding social media platforms, software and popular tools. 

There are literally endless amounts of video ideas that you can make.

After you have reached 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time you will be able to apply for YouTube monetization. 

The beauty of this is that it may take some time getting the ball moving but once you have a good amount of videos making money it turns into passive income.

This means you will then be able to get paid every month for years to come from the videos you have uploaded.

This is not even incorporating affiliate marketing which would take your earning to another level. 

Let’s check out this channels stats on Socialblade.

So we can see that this channel has racked up over 20 million views and makes an estimated £9000 a month revenue which is around $11000.

You could easily create a passive income of $1000 a month with this method if you stay consistent.

Freelancing on Fiverr

So Fiverr is an online gig marketplace for freelancers. You can find all sorts of services from voice actors, graphic designers, blog writers and the list goes on.

It’s free to sign up and there are many types of things you can offer as services. Try thinking of a skill you have or something you are willing to learn.

You could offer video editing skills or even have a gig where you make peoples YouTube thumbnails.

So after you have registered your account and have some services you would like to offer then its time to make your gig posts.

You can get inspiration from other listings if you’re stuck with what to write.

You basically want to describe how your service will enhance the buyers lives and things of that nature.

A pro tip is to also include a short video introducing yourself and what the gig is about.

Fiverr has been pushing video more and it’s said  to increase your likelihood of showing up higher in the results.

Once you start getting good reviews then you can make some good money on here.


Now there are many survey sites that pay you for sharing your opinion on different topics in exchange for cash.

You can look to get anywhere between 20 cents to $2 a survey so it is one of the easiest ways to get started. 

I recently tried out a few survey apps and found the best one to be Qmee.

They pay via PayPal and unlike most other apps they have no minimum payout threshold, meaning you can make $2 and withdraw it to your Paypal account instantly.


I made around $21 for taking a few surveys a day for around a week so it could be good for some extra cash.

User interface testing

Websites like Usertesting pay you for testing other companies websites and apps.

They usually ask you to record some audio description of what you think of a website’s design or layout.

They advertise as paying $60 an hour for taking part in the tasks.

Even though the number of hours offered may vary, it’s a pretty good website to be signed up for.

Selling designs on etsy without holding inventory

So Etsy is an amazing platform where you can sell hand made and customized products.

I’ve been using it for a few years and it’s a great platform to use.

In this method you will be selling print on demand products such as mugs and t-shirts on Etsy. 

The way it works is that you look online for trending quotes and designs for inspiration, then using a software such as Photoshop you will create your design.

You will then upload it to a website such as Gearbubble and Printify where you can put the design on different products.

Next you will list your items on Etsy for free targeted traffic.

When someone buys the product on Etsy, you then place your order on a site like Gearbubble and they send the product directly to your customer.

You then split the difference of the price you sold it for and the amount it costs to make the item.

For example, Gearbubble could charge you $5 to print your design on a mug and send it to your customer.

You then list the mug on Etsy for $15

So that would be 15 – 5 = $10

So you take home $10 for each sale.

The more designs you have up and the more sales you get will result in you getting picked up more by the Etsy algorithm and in return make more sales and it kind of snowballs from there.

Selling old and unwanted things online

Old games, cameras, smartphones, shoes you name it.

You will always find someone that finds what you have valuable online.

Ebay, Facebook marketplace and sites similar to them can be a great way to earn some extra cash as well as freeing up space in your house and allowing your unwanted things to be reused by others.

On Ebay, a really cool way to see what your items are worth is using the recently sold filter.

It will show you the amount and price of your exact item that has sold recently.

Teaching on Gamer Sensei

Next we have a pretty cool site called Gamer Sensei.

Now this site allows people to pay for coaching sessions with gamers to help them get better at their chosen game and platform.

So if you feel like you’re pretty good at Fornite then you can sign up on the site as a coach and start earning an hourly wage when you teach. 

Another way you can earn on the site is by becoming an affiliate for the service.

The way it works is that if you refer someone to buy a coaching session, you get to keep 50% of whatever they pay. 

So as an idea you could start a gaming YouTube channel and then you can promote Gamer Sensai for people who would like to get better at playing.

Managing social media accounts for businesses

So I’m pretty sure you have a few social media accounts and know your way around the apps. 

In this method, you will be reaching out to small local businesses around you and offering to take care of their social media accounts.

For example this could be posting and growing their Instagram accounts.

It may seem like something very simple but having a social media presence is vital for small businesses however, many of them do not have the time or expertise to do so.

Many people that are new to social media management usually charge between 15-30 per hour for typically 10-20 hours a month.

This means that each client is potentially worth $700 per month.

As you get more experience you can start to offer packages for the month or a few months at a time.

Watching movie trailers

Next we have a website called Swagbucks which allows you to make money for watching trailers and advertisements.

Delivering groceries

Next we have a method for those of you who can drive or have a bike.

Instacart is similar to Uber Eats except it’s focused on grocery delivery instead of restaurant delivery.

If you live and bike in an urban area, this could be a great way to make money riding a bike.

Depending on your location and how much you want to work, Instacart advertises that bikers can work up to 29 hours per week.

Instacart also provides bonuses for people who work 40 hours or more – which could be two weeks of deliveries.

Transcribing audio files

A lot of companies pay good money to have audio files transcribed into written format.

One of the best websites out there to use is called Transcribeme and they pay 15-$22 per hour

They usually give you audio files of around 2 minutes each and you need to basically write down everything that you hear being said.

The only downside is that you have to be 18 to join.

Alternatively you can use Fiverr or Upwork and list transcribing as one of your services. 

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is my favorite way to make money from home and unlike other business models it has a very low barrier to entry.

How it works is that you will be promoting other people’s products for a commission of the price.

For physical products your commission is usually very low, around 5%  but what I like to promote is digital products that actually help people such as online tools, sources and services where the commission is usually between 40- 60%.

If you would like to learn the exact method that I’m using in my business and receive a step by step guide to earning a full time income from home then you can find out more here.

leave me a comment bellow if you have any questions and I’ll be glad to help.


Moe Ali

Moe Ali

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