How To Make Money Online As A Broke Beginner

In this method you will learn how you can start to make money from home even if you’re broke and have no experience.

I will be showing you a variation of affiliate marketing that you can start today for absolutely free. 

This method is called launch jacking.

What is launch jacking?

Launch Jacking works by finding a product that is just about to launch, and getting a piece of content ranked and then profiting off the buzz around that product (by selling it through your own affiliate link). 

So what happens is that when a product is about to be released a lot of big affiliate marketers will tend to support each other by promoting each other’s products to their own audience. Of Course they get a commission out of it but it’s a little known secret that many of these top affiliates know each other and reciprocate support during a product launch.

So these top affiliates have thousands of people on their email lists and across their social media accounts. They blast a few emails to their list and that creates a flood of traffic on Google and YouTube of people searching for more information about the product.

And that is where we step in with our review and demo videos on YouTube giving them some more information about the product.

In essence you are ethically hijacking some of the traffic off of these big affiliates and getting them to purchase through your link instead.

This is the general concept of the model but I will be going into detail showing you step-by-step showing you how to get started including:

  • How to find profitable products that will almost guarantee you commissions
  • How to apply for your affiliate link and get a review copy
  • What equipment and tools you need
  • How to structure your video 
  • How to upload and optimize 

With this method you could be making from 100-$200 a day as a beginner and without many subscribers.

Finding Your Product/Offer

So the 3 main affiliate networks we will be using to find our products are:

  1. Clickbank
  2. JVzoo
  3. WarriorPlus

After you have signed up then we will be looking for products and programs that we will be launching in the next week at a minimum. 

Now I say a week as this will give you enough time to do your research and prepare all of your content as well as having time for your videos to rank a little.

So in order to keep track of all of the upcoming product launches across the three affiliate platforms we will be using the help of a free launch calendar website called MunchEye.

MunchEye will show you all of the upcoming products and will also link you to where you can get more information and your affiliate link.

So let’s check out some of these offers on MunchEye.

So straight away we have two columns which are split into “big launches” and “all launches”.

Basically the right section is a list of all of the launches coming up and the left hand side are the launches by people who are known to have launched successful products in the past.

So if you look at any offer, you will see that it has a little icon that shows you what platform it is launching on.

Next it shows the product creator, title, price and percent of commission you will be given.

Some of the things you want to be looking out for are the:

  • Product creator
  • Commission value
  • Cash prizes
  • JV/sales page

What to look for in a product

One of the cool things about product launches is the big cash prizes creators offer as incentives to affiliates.

For example they may offer an extra $1000 for people who make the most sales in the launch week as well as 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

Most launches will have competitions and leaderboards throughout the launch period.

Another reason why you want to find programs with big cash prizes is that they tend to attract a lot of the big affiliates that have a big email list and audience. 

This means that there will be more hype around the launch and more interest and traffic on google and YouTube.

Another indication that the product will do well is how well made the JV and sales page looks.

JV stands for joint venture, so the JV page is made to give affiliates enough information to allow them to promote it successfully.

The sales page is the page that customers will be sent to so it’s in your best interest to analyze it to make sure it looks high quality and not like spam.

A bad sign is if the sales page looks rushed or even worse, if it doesn’t exist when you click on the link.

This happens as some vendors leave it a few days before the launch to put up the sales page which isn’t very helpful and only shows how unorganized they are.

Now what you can do is open up a spreadsheet and take down the key information pertaining to that launch.

  • Product name
  • JV page link 
  • Launch date

What you want to do is go through the list of products and choose a few products that you would like to promote in that week.

It’s best to apply for all of your links together so you can spend the rest of your time creating content.

So after you have all of your products to promote for the week, you can then add them to a calendar if you use one.

Applying for your affiliate link

So once you have compiled a list of the products that you want to promote for the week. It’s time to apply for your affiliate links.

Now a lot of people find this part frustrating when first starting out as I did also.

Unlike ClickBank, most affiliate networks such as WarriorPlus require you to apply for your affiliate link.

This is due to a number of factors such as different scams that take place as well as people spamming links everywhere which looks bad for the vendor.

People first starting out find that sometimes they can be ignored due to not having a sales history or proof that they are genuine marketers and not just trying to scam them.

So as we can see here, if we wanted to promote this product we would have to request for an affiliate link and be approved.

Now what most new people do is just click apply.

What you should do is write a short paragraph about yourself and how you will be promoting their product. You can also link your social media accounts and YouTube channel so they know you are genuinely looking to promote the product ethically.

A really good tip that I learnt from another marketer, Jono Armstrong, is to record a short video with the same information and upload it to your YouTube channel as unlisted. 

Then you can include the link to that video in the comment box when applying for your link.

This just adds another layer of authenticity and will give you more chances of getting approved.

Another tip you can use if you feel that your request is taking too long is to contact the creators directly.

If you come down to any JV/sales page, it usually lists the product creators and their Facebook or Skype details, so you can add them and shoot them a quick message about your affiliate link request. 

Product Review copy

Some vendors always provide review access to the product before the launch, however others only give review copies to trusted affiliates and some you just have to ask.

You could also make a review of the product using the information contained on the JV and sales page as a worst case scenario, but usually you will be given extra resources in order to review the product properly.

Equipment and tools you need

There are a few basic pieces equipment you need in order to start launch jacking successfully.

These can be split up in 2 categories depending on if you want to show your face on video or not.

Not showing your face

  • Good microphone
  • Laptop/pc
  • Screen recording software (OBS studio free)
  • Video editing software
  • TubeBuddy 

Showing face

  • Camera/webcam 

How to structure your video

Before making your video review, you want to spend some time going through the sales page.

Explain what the product does/ how it will solve the viewers problems.

When the viewer gets sent to a sales page, they do tend to be ambiguous in regards to what the method actually is. This is especially true for some of the courses.

It may have some slogans or claims such as make 10k a month with this new method or whatever.

So it is your job to do some digging to show the viewer that you’ve done them a favor by researching and clarifying certain things especially when a lot of the information is not clear.

This is even more important when you don’t actually have a review copy to show them so doing some research for them will go a long way.

And that is part of how you can add value.

You should also talk about the:

  • Price
  • Up-sales
  • If it is good for beginners
  • Go through the content if you have access and mention whether you feel it can really live up to the claims on the sales page


An important part of your video is mentioning the bonuses.

Now if you are not familiar with the concept of bonuses it is basically a marketers incentive for a customer to buy a product through your link and not through someone else’s link.

These bonuses can be:

  • Courses 
  • Ebooks
  • Checklists
  • A private facebook group
  • Email or messenger support

You can either make your own bonuses or you can purchase PLR products which are products that grant you the rights to give or sell the content.

The trick with bonuses is that you don’t want to just give away 100 irrelevant bonuses. You want to give between 3-5 good quality bonuses that relate to the product you are promoting. It should enhance the customers chances of success and add to the value experience they go through.

You can get inspiration for your video structure by searching for other product reviews on YouTube. Aim to be more insightful and to provide more value for the customer.

An example structure can be:

  1. Introduction (introduce yourself and what product you will be reviewing)
  2. Mention bonuses (you want to mention that you have some exclusive bonuses prepared for them but you will get back to it at the end of the video)
  3. Product overview (you want to briefly go through the product how it can be used)
  4. Price (talk about the pricing structure and up-sale)
  5. Your final thoughts on the overall usefulness of the software 
  6. Bonuses (walkthrough)
  7. Sign off 

Uploading & SEO

Now that you have created your video, it’s time to upload it. 

In order to help your chances of ranking higher up on YouTube, you want to optimize your title description and tags with your main keyword for the review product.

You can use a plugin called TubeBuddy to help you optimize your videos for the YouTube algorithm. 

They have a free plan so definitely check them out.


Now thumbnails are important as they help you stand out from other reviews and share important info about the contents of your video.

You can use Canva to make your thumbnails or any other software of your choice. 

I made a video about thumbnails so make sure to check that out too.

Link cloaking

Hopefully you would already have received your affiliate link from the vendor so now you need to add this to the videos description.

You also want to use a website like Bitly to shorten your link as it tends to be very long and not very reassuring to customers.

With Bitly you can also track the number of clicks you receive via your link so that’s an added bonus too.

What now?

So now that you have uploaded your video all you have to do now is keep making more.

I don’t want you to expect that you will be making thousands of dollars from your first video but if you are constantly adding reviews and growing your channel then you will definitely start to see growth and can definitely hit $300 a day doing this.

Let me know in the comments section if you have any questions about this method and I will definitely get back to you.

Good Luck.


Moe Ali

Moe Ali

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