How To Promote ClickBank Products Without A Website In 2020

So you’re looking for a way to promote ClickBank products without a website? 

Great! You’ve landed on the right page. 

When people start looking online for ways to make money they inevitably come across affiliate marketing and ClickBank, and I assume this is the case for you as it was for me. 

The real problem is that the traditional method of promoting offers on ClickBank involves a small investment that a lot of people do not have the luxury of having. 

These include the purchase of domains; website hosting subscriptions; email autoresponders and landing page builders.

Now what you’re here for is a way to promote ClickBank products without a website and by the end of this article you will be equipped with the knowledge and blueprint of how to do exactly that.

How to get started

So I will break the process down into a few easy to follow steps so that you can use this as a reference for when you begin.

  1. Picking your niche 
  2. Choosing the right product 
  3. Creating your assets
  4. Casting your net 
  5. Rinse and repeat 

But before we begin, let me set the stage by giving those of you who have not heard of ClickBank a short overview.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is probably the most popular and widely used affiliate network around on the internet. 

An affiliate network acts as a middleman between companies that want their products to be promoted through an affiliate program, and affiliates who want products to promote for a commission of the sale.

The convenience of having one website to access hundreds of affiliate programs as opposed to signing up to numurus programs makes affiliate networks extremely valuable.

ClickBank boasts over 3500+ unique digital products ranging from courses on how to make money online to dog training programs.

One of the reasons that it’s trusted by so many is its simple user interface and the fact that it has been around for over 20 years makes it a stable and safe option for affiliates. 

They also approve most affiliate applications almost instantly which is a huge plus considering how strict other affiliate networks are when it comes to accepting new affiliate marketers.

How To Promote ClickBank Products Without A Website In 2020

What is affiliate marketing and who are affiliates?

Affiliate marketing is the digital form of an older transaction type which used to be called a finders fee.

How this worked was that you recommended that a customer went to a specific store, whom you have a prior agreement with, and because you referred the customer you would receive a commission. 

Now with affiliate marketing, it works in exactly the same way, except it is done online traditionally via a website or email list. 

The goal is to provide value to your audience and then recommend products or services that would benefit them in the niche in which you are in.

And an affiliate in this case would be you, the one who is referring the customer to an online service or product page using your own unique affiliate link provided to you by the affiliate network (ClickBank).

Your unique affiliate link, also referred to as a Hoplink, is tracked by the network for clicks and sales.

Picking your niche

According to wikipedia, ‘The market niche defines the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that it is intended to target’.

I would recommend that you try to choose a niche that you are at least slightly interested in, as it can become quite demotivating when you lose drive due to not being interested in the subject of your work. 

This should be looked at in a balanced view as there are some people who choose a niche based on their passion but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will become profitable. 

Unless you have a lot of experience in marketing (organic and paid traffic) then I would not recommend going with the very competitive niches such as health & fitness, and finance.

Sometimes the more obscure niches do well as there are less people competing in them. Of Course if you are up for a challenge then be my guest as there is always a slice of the market waiting for the right marketer.

Customer Avatar and Demographics

So after picking your niche it is important to understand your target audience, this will you give you the best chance of succeeding. 

What is the target demographic, ideal gender (if any), age group, country and so on. 

For assessing if your niche is popular at the moment then a valuable tool to use is Google Trends.

When we search for a keyword for our example niche ‘woodworking’, we can see that the trend is that it peaks once a year around December. (Note: this is when you will make most of your sales)

We also see on a scale of 0-100 how popular the keyword is, which is good for gauging how your niche is trending.

Another website that is quite useful is

The tool allows you to type in a keyword and it will tell you the information regarding the age ranges that are more likely to search for that specific term.

how to promote clickbank products without a website

From the search we can see that the most engaged age range is between 45-64. We can also see that males make up more than 70% of the people who used this search term.

A lot of these details can be found by creating an avatar of the ideal customer in your niche.

Think about where they would hang out online and what social media platforms do they tend to use?

For example, younger audiences are now dominating platforms such as Snapchat and Ticktock whereas older audiences prefer using Facebook. This information should directly influence the platforms you will use in the following sections (keep reading).

Choosing the right ClickBank product

Alright so you have your niche already picked out and the customers avatar is ready, so now it’s time to pick a product for them. 

My ideal product would have a good commission percentage AND also have a good up sale funnel so you end up making more money with each sale. 

Finding a product which has recurring payments is also what I look for as you will be paid out each month for converting just one customer. 

So once your on ClickBank, the first thing you need to do is register for an affiliates account

Next from your home screen click on marketplace which is the section of the website that contains a database of all of the currently live products.

Now from this point you have two choices depending on your preference. You can choose to search for a current popular product or stick with your niche that you chose earlier. 

Let’s go with our example niche woodworking. We will look for the nearest category to our original niche and customer avatar.

affiliate products

You will then be presented with all of ClickBanks products relating to the Home & Garden niche.

It is then best to sort this list by a filter called ‘gravity’. Now gravity is a score which is based off of how many people are promoting the product and making sales. 

By filtering the search results by gravity we are able to easily find the most successful products in our category.

We can also see that the first result is in our niche, has a gravity of 133.54 and has an initial sale price of $55 which is great. 

To promote the product we need our unique affiliate link, this can be found by clicking the red promote button besides the offer.

how to promote clickbank products without a website

You now have your own affiliate link which we will be using to direct customers to the sales page. 

The sales page is the page with all of the information about the product. Vendors spend thousands of dollars to test and optimize the sales page for conversions. 

So as long as you pick a good product your traffic should convert.

Creating your assets

As this guide is about how to promote ClickBank products without a website, we need a good free alternative on which we can find our target market and drive them to the product sales page on.

For this we will be using free social media accounts to build our audience and lead them to the sales page via our affiliate link.

Earlier we spoke about finding out what online platforms our audience mostly use. Now we need to use this information to pick a maximum of 2-3 social media networks to start building your following.

For example we can use Pinterest and Instagram to easily grow a following which is hyper targeted and interested in our products.


For example let us look at this Pinterest page which is in the woodworking niche.

how to promote clickbank products for free online

This page has 8.1 Million monthly unique viewers to their profile, just imagine the monthly click through rate to the linked website. 

Let’s say the click through rate is 10% (meaning 10% of total viewers click the link on profile)

10% of 8.1 Million = 810,000

And let us low ball the amount of people that convert to be 1%.

1% of 810,000 = 8100

That could mean they are making 8100 conversions a month. Obviously this is just a rough estimate and conversions could also mean email opt ins but a lot of them will convert to sales.

Now the elephant in the room is still that we don’t have a website to drive traffic to. Now I can almost hear people saying “Can’t we just put our affiliate link there instead?” 

Well… Unfortunately, no you can’t. Pinterest has become much more stringent with their policy of external links. So untrustworthy sites and affiliate hop links are out of the question.

What we can do is use what is known as a bridge page or landing page. The problem is that most landing page builders are paid tools, such as ClickFunnels. 

Thankfully I have a free alternative which is called QuickPages which allows you to build bridge pages for free AND,you can even collect emails too. Great I know. 

how to make money with clickbank step by step

They have a selection of 6 ready made templates to choose from and the best part is that its free forever with no paid membership plans.

The important part is where to put your affiliate hop link which you can see below. 

After you have customized your bridge page, it will allow you to create a page name, URL name and to add your affiliate link. 

clickbank for beginners

Casting your net

Now comes the fun part, this is how to promote clickbank products without a website with free traffic.

After you have filled out your Pinterest profile with all the important information about your brand, such as your logo and information about your niche page, you will then create your boards.

Pinterest Boards

You will then create a minimum of 10 different boards around your niche. For example, I would make a board about home d.i.y projects; garden d.i.y projects etc. 

Then you will look for similar pins using the search bar and pin a minimum of 5 other relevant pins to each of your boards each. Yes that’s 50 pins but trust me, it only takes a few seconds to pin a pin. 

Once your boards are filled and look presentable, you will start to make your own pins.

Making your own pins

You will then start to make pins around your niche and offer such as the following.

top clickbank affiliates

To make your pins you can use another free online tool called Canva which conveniently has templates for all major social media sites including Pinterest. I will spare you the Canva art lesson but if you search for ‘Canva Pinterest tutorial’ you will be spoiled for choice.

Now that you have your own pin, it’s time to create a pin on Pinterest and add the URL to our bridge page. 

Your description should have key words relating to your niche through out, as Pinterest is a search engine you will start to get visitors via search. 

You will want to now create at least 3 of these pins every day and add them to your relevant boards.

I call this casting your net, as you want as many of these pins out there on Pinterest to hopefully get someone to click on the link.

Following Related People

Now it’s time to follow people that are interested in your niche, you can do this by searching up your niche on Pinterest and following all of their followers. This is a fast way to get eyes on your profile while your account grows. 

A word of advice. Try to only follow around 20-30 people a day for the first week or two, as you do not want Pinterest to block your account. 

Eventually, the people that you follow will start to follow you back. Usually the percentage of people that follow you back can vary from 10-30%. So you can get 30 followers for every 300 people you follow.

Group Boards

To boost the engagement and reach of your pins, it’s a great idea to join group boards.

Group boards are boards that are contributed to by a collective of people and have a huge reach potential.

For example:

clickbank review

This group has over 74k followers and only 5 group members. It would be an understatement to call this an amazing group. 

The first profile picture is always the group owner, so to join just follow them and send them a direct message explaining how you could contribute to the groups health and growth.

Rinse and repeat

After you have completed all of the above steps then it’s time to do it all over again tomorrow. 

The key to this free affiliate marketing method is consistency and dedication. 

If you do the following each day you will see real results. 

  • Creating new relevant boards
  • Pinning other people’s pins to your boards every day
  • Pinning a minimum of 3-5 of your own pins a day
  • Following the followers of your competitors every day
  • Joining group boards and pinning on them every day 

The problem is that people never stick with a method long enough to see if it works. 

If you keep to this method and do the above steps then within 3-5 months you can be making at least $100-$250 a day. 

Of course results and time frames vary and are all dependent on your niche, the time of year and your willingness to succeed. 

Once you start to make some income I would recommend that you invest in a hosting plan and build a website as this will be the best long term strategy.

You can then change your links to your new landing pages made on ClickFunnels or on your website. 

So there you have it.

A completely free way to promote and make money with ClickBank products without a website. 

So now what are you waiting for? 

Try it out and let me know how its going.

I wish you all the best and if you have any questions about the method then please contact me via email or in the comments section below.

Moe Ali

Moe Ali

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